Kathy Krantz Stewart

Kathy Krantz Stewart
SAG actress, writer, movie producer

Monday, November 14, 2011

Screenwriter for Hire

Award Winning Screenwriter for hire

http://www.screenplayfactory.homestead.com/ Do you have a STORY IDEA, outline or BOOK to SCREEN you want to come to life onto the screen? I am an AWARD WINNING SCREENWRITER for hire. ATTACHED with my hire comes ALL my connections to get it PRODUCED as a FEATURE FILM, TV SERIES, DOCUMENTARY or PLAY. ALL My connections to Distributors, Festivals, Agents, Casting, Awards, Promotion, SAG. Films headed to Cannes/ AFM! VP Acquisitions at Ytinifni Pictures distribution. . CEO of STEWART PRODUCTIONS & GOOD BOOK FILMS, FULL SERVICE FILM PRODUCTION companies which scripts are now FILMING: COWGIRL ROMANCE, DOLPHIN'S SONG, PONZI OF DREAMS, COWGIRL ROMANCE, I FEEL LIKE GOING ON, DOLPHIN'S SONG (3D)etc. etc. TV SERIES include THE KEEPERS, etc. My DOCUMENTARIES, MAMA & ME: (film on IMDB) the TRUE story struggle with Alzheimer's now in Festivals. AWARD winning films on IMDB. PRODUCE and WRITE films. Publisher and writer for the sci-fi entertainment magazine. Kathy's scripts NOW BEING FILMED and PRODUCED! See RECOMMENDATIONS from thrilled clients. See fan pages on Facebook and Twitter Kathy's Fan Page, & StewArt Productions, Good Book Films pages on IMDB, UTUBE & FACEBOOK!
email me at kkstewartproductions@gmail.com